K Band Radio

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Time to go Beddy Bye

August 1st, 2018

The ¡Smash N Grab! team raid the warehouse where the stolen dragon, Gimpy, is being held. They find a little more than expected and deal with some interesting wild life. Frank accomplishes something he's always wanted to do. Fang coins a new phrase for bad-assery. Episode five of K Band Radio includes our first land based combat. Exciting!

In episode four, I forgot to post thanks to The Dr. Orphyus Project for letting us use his song "Hazel Anne" off of the album "Roustabout." I've updated that episode's post, but I also wanted to say it on a fresh post so regular listeners got the link that I promised them at the end of that episode.

We also never publicly thanked our player Joel. The man behind the great Chengbert Flackway gave us our original and regular theme song. Thanks Joel!

Finally, thanks to all of our listeners for sticking with the K Band Radio podcast.