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Con of the North announcment

January 15th, 2019

Hey everyone. Ken and Brian are running games at Con of the North, February 15-17 in Minneapolis. If you come play in one of our games, you'll get a free set of promotional dice. Our location at the con is Studio 10-01. Here's the schedule!

Ken - "Create-a-World!" Microscope 12p-4p
Ken - "Summer Road Trip!" Monster of the Week 4p-8p
Brian - "Durance" 8p-midnigh

Brian - "Her Majesty's Secret Sauce" Uncharted Worlds 10a-2p
Ken - "Crash-World!" Uncharted Worlds 6p-10p

Brian - "Princes of Industry" The Sprawl 10a-2p
Ken - "P.G. Apocalypse" Apocalypse World 6p-10p

We also have a special guest running a couple of games! Greg from Very Random Encounters is running the following.

"Dungeons and Dragons: Pokemon Edition" D&D 5th ed 2p-6p

"Glitterhearts: A Magical Transforming Hero Game" homebrew 2p-6p