K Band Radio

A tabletop rpg podcast playing Uncharted Worlds

Is Laser a Tag?

February 13th, 2019

Episode 19 of K Band Radio jumps straight into the action as mysterious invaders assault the planet Leche. The crew attempts to make it back to the ¡Smash N Grab! and get their new passengers off the planet safely. Does everyone make it out alive? Does Frank421 accept a divine geas? Is there any altruism on this team at all? Listen to find out.

Let's give major props to Joel on the sound effects and original music in this episode. He put in a lot of work on this one, and it shows.

Finally, this is our last chance to remind you that Ken and Brian are running several games at Con of the North the weekend of Feb 15-17. If you can make it to the convention in Plymouth, MN, stop by the table to say "Hi!"