K Band Radio

A tabletop rpg podcast playing Uncharted Worlds

Tomorrow’s You, Today

December 19th, 2018

In episode 15 of K Band Radio, we see what happened to Varg Landicrue after the failed wild jump. Waking up in customs and immigration, Varg is confused to find himself on Jammy ready to deliver a mysterious package. When faced with a moral conundrum from his past, Varg takes the easy way out. Charming his way through the Civilization Reformation Association doesn't go as planned and Varg faces the very real possibility of becoming a new citizen.

Once again, I plug our TeePublic page in the end roll. Here's the link.

NOTE: Brian knows the difference between flora (plants) and fauna (animals). He just got it wrong once because sometimes the brain shuts off but the mouth keeps going. It's like when the audio keeps going on a YouTube or Netflix stream even though the video has stopped.

All of the sound effects and music in this episode were created by Joel Allard. Thanks Joel!