K Band Radio

A tabletop rpg podcast playing Uncharted Worlds

Player Bios

Brian - Storyteller for the Stars

Brian has been gaming since the age of 12, but didn't get into Powered by the Apocalypse games until 2017. His wit is as sharp as a hammer, and he has the intellect of a Speak N' Spell with fresh batteries. He's arguably the most beautiful person in the room. If there's one person at the K Band Radio table that's reliable, easy to get along with, and a stand up type of person, that's an accident, and Brian apologizes.

Brenden - Frank 421

Brenden is afraid of the internet and wishes to remain anonymous. The best way to do that was to join a podcast and play a short, cantankerous former mercenary. So far, he's succeeded at everything he hoped to on K Band Radio.

Justin - Fang Lunis

Playing a mad scientist is a huge stretch for Justin as he is neither insane, nor particularly well educated about the world. That being said, he's still the smartest guy at the table. His biggest flaw is the uncontrollable jealousy he feels towards Brian's skill on a motorcycle.

Joel - Chengbert Flackway

Joel is really good at… something. Hopefully one day he will figure out exactly what that is. In the meantime, he lives his days engulfed in a right-brain/left-brain power struggle, the never-ending battle between technical and creative. He also loves a good conversation about polar patterns, signal flow, and compression, but not necessarily in that order. He is a whisky snob, and he knows it.

Ken - Varg Landicrue

Ken would say he is the best sports ball player among us, but he's really only the best liar. Ken once ran for local office on a platform of never telling the truth, but he lost by one vote. He forgot it was election day. Ken also requires the most editing, because he keeps a kitten in his shirt pocket. The kitten, named Borfmeister the Terrifying, never shuts up and is always hungry.