K Band Radio

A tabletop rpg podcast playing Uncharted Worlds

Metermaid and the Chief Security Guy

July 18th, 2018

It's the fourth episode of K Band Radio. The crew of the ¡Smash N Grab! reach Bungo Magi and begin searching for Gimpy amidst the chaos of the Torilis independence celebration. Varg makes a new friend. Chengbert does a little hacking. Will the repo men find the stolen dragon in time?

A big thanks to The Dr. Orphyus Project for letting us use his song "Hazel Anne" off of the album "Roustabout."


A Boy and His…Dragon?

July 4th, 2018

In episode three of K Band Radio, we kick off our second jump point in a more traditional "get the job, start the adventure" way. On the desert planet Nubisonalle, Varg Landicrue's contact and friend, Jolo Kormuth, contacts Varg for help. The crew of the ¡Smash N Grab! head to Nubisonalle's neighboring planet, Bungo Magi, to rescue Jolo's kidnapped dragon and dodge the heat from Frank 421's illicit activities. Meanwhile, Chengbert Flackway pisses of the techinicans on the ¡Smash N Grab!, and Fang Lunis crafts an incredible "knock out spray."

Happy 4th of July!


The Repossession Mambo?

June 20th, 2018

In episode 2 of K Band Radio, we wrap up our first jump point. After escaping Collective forces from the Shenendoah Hangover space station, the team struggles to decide what to do with their cryogenically frozen passengers and find a place to repair Hoglund's Sedition. After sorting that out, they meet their new boss, Maximum Space Head, and learn how terribly they screwed it all up. When did Frank 421 become the voice of reason?

We would like to give a shout out to rpgcasts.com for listing our show. With over 300 rpg related podcasts listed, the site is a great resource for finding new shows, and it focuses on podcasts featuring women, non-binary people, LGBTQ+, and people of color. Check it out and expand your horizons!


Welcome to your world, Repo Man.

June 6th, 2018

Welcome to the first episode of K Band Radio. We're an actual gameplay tabletop rpg podcast playing the PbtA game, Uncharted Worlds.

Meet the main crew of the ¡Smash N Grab! - Chengbert Flackway, Fang Lunis, Varg Landicrue, and Frank 421 and follow their travels as elite repossession specialists working for Interstellar Acquisitions.

How do the repo men handle finding a cryogenically frozen family inside the star ship, Hoglund's Sedition, and can they escape the territory of a symbioitic hive mind alien faction known as The Collective?



May 22nd, 2018

Hello, and welcome to K Band Radio.

We are producing a comedic, actual gameplay, tabletop rpg podcast. We're playing the PbtA game, Uncharted Worlds, written by Sean Gomes. Our story follows the crew of the ¡Smash N Grab!. A diverse group of "repossession specialists" working for the intergalactic finance and securities firm, Interstellar Acquisitions, the characters chase repo contracts and recover star ships and other high end merchandise and dangerous goods.

We will be releasing a new episode biweekly, on Wednesdays, starting on June 6th.